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Since the affair over GM potatoes has come to light, I have had to resort to the Internet to air my views. (You can see me taking revenge on a potato in the right hand image).

Update of 5 February 2008

Updates on 13 November 2007

Further updates will follow in the next few weeks.

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I have put on the Royal Society Correspondence page scanned versions of postal letters and faxes and also some e-mails detailing the dialogue between myself and the Royal Society. My responses to their report about our GM work can be found there also as well as my answers to their referees' queries. I have included a link to the Royal Society final report and have made available the individual referees reports also.


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Unfortunately, I had to disable the facility where you could click on the address above to mail me, due to a deluge of junk mail. To reach me, you need to copy down the address and just have to type it in by hand I am afraid. This is unfortunately disabled unfriendly. Don't blame me, blame the spammers.

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