Comments on OECD GM Food Safety conference


As it was my intention from very early on to present my work and input into the GM-Food debate openly and transparently for anyone interested in the debate to see , I have decided that I shall release the text of my submission to the OECD Conference on the Healrh Aspects of GM-Food and the text of my slides presented at the Conference in Edinburgh on 28 February 2000 on my homepage. As it is closely related to issues of the OECD Conference, I also take the opportunity and present my submission to the Royal Society of Edinburgh on the European Food Agency to be included in their evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on this topic.

OECD Conference on the Scientific and Health Aspects of Genetically Modified Foods

The text of my slides presented at the OECD Conference of the Health Aspects of GM-Food in Edinburgh on 28 February 2000:

European Commission White Paper on Food Safety

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