Lundy 2002

airfield and old lighthouse.jpg


airfield at lundy with old lighthouse.jpg


big house on lundy.jpg


boats from beach.jpg


boats from cliiftop.jpg


boats including pilot cutter.jpg


camping at lundy airfield.jpg


church in early morning sea fog.jpg


cliffs near lynmouth.jpg


collection of artifacts lundy.jpg


coombe martin.jpg


diving boat in harbour.jpg


flyin 2002.jpg


hill fort near lynton.jpg


holiday house on top of cliffs.jpg


houses on lundy.jpg


inside lundy church.jpg


inside marisco tavern sunday.jpg


lundy airfield.jpg


lundy campsite.jpg


lundy cliffs from harbour.jpg


lundy harbour.jpg


lundy island from 5 miles.jpg


lundy village.jpg




main street lundy.jpg


marisco tavern.jpg


mervyn and neville at lundy harbour.jpg


mike back in hanger.jpg


north end of lundy.jpg


orographic clouds at bossington.jpg


outside marisco tavern.jpg


slate cliffs above harbour.jpg


slate flat pebbles.jpg


south end of lundy with airfield and houses.jpg


stained glass of lundy church.jpg


tavern and church .jpg