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IMPORTANT:- The programs located here are *.EXE files only and need run-time library files to be installed before they can work. To obtain and install ALL the library files for ALL programs, first download Smile_! then unzip it and run its SETUP.EXE program. All library files will be automatically installed for you. All other programs can then be downloaded and will then run correctly.

To download any program, simply click on its icon or associated download link.
Remember, if the program you need does not appear here, it can always be written for you!
Check out our Custom Software Service - it may be cheaper, quicker and simpler than you think!

SMILE ! v1.0

This program loads ALL the library files needed for ALL the other programs. If a library file has NOT been installed and is required, the program needing it will crash. The advantage of loading these libraries once only is to reduce the size of all other download programs. Download Library Files (750 Kb).


- Turns your PC into a radar screen. Control your airspace by instructing your pilots on altitude, direction and speed. Authorise landing and take-offs at airports etc. Gain promotion as you progress. Avoid the UFO's! Requires strategy, tactics, foresight, logic and an excellent memory. One of the hardest games to play on computers yet it's all there in front of you! Needs a very agile brain. One try and you may never want to fly again!
Please Note:- This is the final version now being shipped. Download (201 Kb).
Download ATC soundfiles only (911 Kb).


- Sets the game prices, prints the cards, calls the numbers and even finds the winning cards for you. Whether just for family and friends or the local club, this PC version will provide lottso fun. Download (76 Kb).


- The computer plays four hands against yours (no cheating!) in this skillful and thought-provoking version based on the game of trumps. Keeps players' accounts and plays hard! Download (101 Kb).


- Be a winner with our random number generator. Has won numerous tenners already. Checks winning lines for you. Will it be YOU ? Download (80 Kb).

LUDO v1.4

- The classic game in rich primary colours. Teaches children that computers can be fun. Plays a wicked strategy that can be addictive. For avid gamers 3 years & upwards. Download (81 Kb).


- An exercise in "computer intelligence". Allows you to have a "conversation" with your own personal "analyst". Often intriguing, irritating but amusing! Never answers a straight question. See who can confuse who most! Download (115 Kb).


- Computer version of the old stocking filler. Sort the tiles into order after the computer has scrambled them. Encourages thinking ahead. Facility to import your own creations from Paintbrush or other .BMP files. Download (194 Kb).


- Prints multiplication tables (2x - 13x) on single A4 sheet. Also "exam tables" - ie. as above but omitting the answers so that the pupil can fill them in. Unsophisticated learning aid. Download (64 Kb).


- General knowledge program for quiz addicts. Test yourself against some difficult and varied posers. Requires twenty correct answers to win! Download (100 Kb).

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